The Originals

10th Century Roleplay: Opened 12/08/12

Feel free to apply for any of our characters!

Imagine going back to the beginning of Mystic Falls. Before the Salvatore Brothers, Before Katherine Pierce and before everything we’ve ever known. Going back to the moment when the originals turned into vampires.
With vampires and werewolves in the same village, the humans are trapped between, not knowing what these new creatures are. They found the vampires weaknesses though and began to use it to their advantage but as the original vampires slaughtered humans and made more of their kind, the need for someone to save humans became larger.


Anonymous asked:
"isn't the revamp done yet?"

Not yet. Some of the Admins have been MIA but we’re working on it, and we will post a link to the new account when it’s done! I promise you, it will be great.


Dear roleplayers,

This roleplay is closed until we have finished revamping and fixing all the kinks. All the roles will be reopened, expect a selected few. All story-lines which were present before will be no more, we’d like to start off on a clean new slate and we hope you will like it.

Thank you for you consideration and patience.

- Admins of The Originals Roleplay

I’m sorry for going in inactive.

Admin L here. I don’t know where the other Admins are but someone must have been on because there was no red icon above the mailbox and we have lots of asks that I unfortunately don’t have time to answer. I have a science test on Friday and a history test on Monday and I have a lot of assignments to finish and retake tests I’ve failed, I sucks in school yes I’ll admit it. Sorry again and I hope we can get this rpg going again soon. I’m just really super freakin busy these next weeks, month, I dunno. We’ll see and hopefully another Admin will get on soon to update or something and if Jordan, Cassie or Roshni sees this I’m gonna say I fucking miss you guys okay and sorry for my choice of words. Have a nice day/night/morning/afternoon to everyone, xoxo.


Also for the other Admins: We seem to have to open all roles or something like that, except the ones we play, when we want to get this started over again. Maybe we can change the plot slightly and stuff to get some new things into it! Hope fully we’ll all be back soon. Stupid school.

So I finally managed to get around to doing an activity check!

Now that we have plenty more characters open, we’d definitely love some apps, male or female. Come and check us out, we’re a 10 century TVD based roleplay although you don’t have to have watched the show to join, we’d love to have you join so come and apply, we’ll love you down!

Activity Check


  • Ivana Dmitrijewa
  • Lana Courts
  • Francesca Earene
  • Adrian Roque
  • Mason Deller
  • Maria Rose 


Sorry for being away much.

School starts on Tuesday and I have a lot to do. But I’m here now if you have any questions for me, I’d gladly answer them!

Cassie is online and present!

To the Anon about the Nina Dobrev FC, I don’t think that would work because it would ruin the whole doppelganger plot with Tatia. But do still send in an app, plus Tatia is currently open! We’d love apps for some males as well. So come and apply!

Anonymous asked:
"would i be allowed to make an OC with the FC of nina dobrev, as a vampire? With a different name possibly.."

I’ll talk to the other Admins about it, but right now, I’m going to have to decline, since we already have a ND role, which I believe, needs a roleplayer to fill! -Jordan

Admin J here!

I saw that an Anon sent this, “Why is it always that one admin is off? When Lea and Roshni were running the rp Cassie and Jordan poofed. Now Roshni is gone….” and wanted to explain why I disappeared! I did happen to mention the last time when I came back from my disappearance, to the other admins, and explained that I might vanish again.

Let me explain, alright? This group is Cassie’s baby! I’ve been on board helping her write roles, accept roles, answer anons, etc, just like R and L have been doing! It’s a privilege to be here, and while I think of this group as a close family for me, especially the talented and beautiful ladies that help run this group, I do have a family of my own! I have a wife, two kids and two on the way, which means that my presence as an admin will be about a five to seven on the good days, and even then, I’m lurking!

Everyone in this group is just as important, and thanks to Cassie, I’m here, just like the other two! We have four admins, and normally, it takes three votes to accept a role, unless we feel that the person who wrote that role, was beyond what we had in mind, and killed the audition! We have four admins for a reason, and two are always here at least, with someone lurking to love you down! 

Hopefully you understand a little better! I wish you safe travels today, and tomorrow, wherever you are! - Jordan 

Cassie here wishing you all a Happy New Year!

I hope 2012 was great for all of you and hopefully 2013 will be great too! We know that many people are still busy from holiday but hopefully the activity will be picking up again soon that’s why we will be doing an activity check on Friday, hopefully by then people will have returned! Anyway, in the meantime, come and apply, we have plenty of open characters, females and males, although males would be preferred. We’d love to have you join!